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The Music:

(Soca Blues) Alexander's unique blend of Soul Calypso, and Blues, the music of the future.
From his solo performances os social and political calypso commentaries through to the fantastic dynamic live sounds of Alexander and the great band originality and musicianship shine through

The Man:
Britains premier Calypsonian" (BBC News, August 1997)
"A man who sings a mean calypso" (BBC2 1997 Carnival Review)
"An evening with Alexander D Great most versatile Calypsonian in the world... Will keep you more informed about the major topics of the day than most newspapers and is more fun!"(Soca News, July 1997)

The Great Band:
Drawn from the finest session musicians available the Great Band provides the springboard for Alexander's explosive live shows.
The band's "Engine room" features percussionb and steel pan, underpinning the dynamic three-piece horn selection, bringing the life Alexander's sering musical arrangements.

Uk Tel: 07766 945663 - 07944432649
Abroad Mob: +44 7766 945663