Glissando Steel Orchestra is a leading light in the Caribbean community in Britain. The Orchestra is Recognised as being innovative, talented and highly professional - as well as being a focal point for Young people, not only as a music resource but also as a place to come together.

Glissando Steel Orchestra was formed in 1978 by Bertrand Parris, a steel pan manufacturer, tuner, And blender who provided Glissando with their instruments, and Pedro Burgess, an accomplished Musician who was responsible for arranging the Orchestra's music.

Glissando, competing against bands such as Ebony, Mangrove and the London All Stars won many Coveted awards including the first GLC Capitol Radio Music Festival in 1983, 1984 and 1985, the Only band to achieve this distinction. Glissando was placed second at the 1997 National Steelbands Panorama (the largest annual steelpan event in Europe).

During 1987 Glissando introduced a community action scheme touring schools and teaching the art Of playing the steelpan. This project was the catalyst which introduced the steelpan to educational Establishments in Britain.

Glissando, in partnership with local schools, continue to hold steelpan Classes in their panyard (the first purpose built, sound proofed panyard in Britain) in North Kensington.

Still in its development stage, is the Panyard Trail Workpack; a pack produced by Glissando and the African & Caribbean Music Circuit Ltd; the pack is designed to enhance and complement Conventional panyard learning, and allows each student to work at their own pace, and consolidates Individual manual dexterity and musical knowledge. The Panyard Trail Workpack will be extremely Valuable in terms of introducing standardised teaching methods to many panyards throughout the UK.

Glissando's Saturday classes are free and are open to all age groups. The highlight of the year for Glissando's students is to play 'on de road' at the Nottinghill Carnival, Europe's biggest Caribbean Release of energy and the worlds seconds largest Carnival.

Glissando's members consist of players ranging in ages from 7 - 57 years; the children accompany Their parents to rehearsals and nature does the rest! Currently, there are five under twelve's in the Orchestra who are full members. Glissando welcome new members like old friends - come and see!

In May 1998, Glissando were invited to Switzerland to perform and present workshops at the Bierfest (Biermensdorf). 30 members (including 9 juniors and 3 chaperones) made the five day trip; for many, this was their second visit. Host and sponsor, Walter Strueli of Strueli Technologies was so impressed that the Orchestra has been invited again for 1999.

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